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Rascal and Bandit

          Rascal and Bandit

Traveling to a wedding reception in Rome, New York, Ron and Jane Barnes, residents of a log home located on a small lake in the Adirondacks, discovered two abandoned baby raccoons on the shoulder of a busy highway.
The couple rescued the raccoons and devoted the next few weeks to nurturing them and preparing them for release into their natural home in the woods. The babies, natural clowns, quickly became accustomed to their contact with people and dogs—and to a diet of grapes, bananas, and dog food. 
Aptly named Bandit and Rascal, the babies became rock stars. Their presence rivaled the most exciting event that had happened at the lake, when two guys from the Jones camp had broken through the ice and lost their Arctic Cat snow machines. The outdoor pen Ron built for the raccoons developed into an afternoon gathering place, where Jane, around two o’clock, would pull minnows, crayfish, and water bugs from the bait trap under the dock and deliver what would become known as the “Lobsterfest” to the eager young carnivores.

​Rendezvous with Destiny 

“Be all that you are capable of becoming.” Drove the lives of Padgett Harvey and Sean Patrick McGuinness
Padgett, a young girl, part Maliseet Indian and part White, grew up in an area of Houlton, Maine called “The Flats”.
The Flats were populated by the poorest of the poor (mostly Native American), who relied on a reluctant town for support. Inspired by the memory of her murdered mother, aided by her physical likeness to a white girl with her blue eyes, blonde hair, and porcelain skin, she fought her way to the top of the financial world controlled by men.
Sean Patrick, an Irish boy with alcoholic parents, lived in a poor part of Houlton called “Paddy Hollow”. He had good looks, commanding stature, blue eyes, and black hair with more curls than a Persian lamb. Those features, together with his natural athletic ability and out-going personality, helped him hone his entrepreneurial skills. He, as with Padgett, used these natural gifts to rise above his humble beginnings and become an icon in the world of business.
Murder, racism, revenge, redemption; this compelling story has it all. The facts do not hem in Fields. He uses those facts as a means of letting his imagination create a multi-layered and emotionally satisfying story. The life journeys of Padgett Harvey and Sean Patrick McGuinness not only touch the heart, but challenge the mind as well."Rendezvous with Destiny" is their story: the tale of how they never forgot where they came from, and how they, working together, improved their predicted future. Enjoy this experience filled with facts, fantasy and frivolity!